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The first album in the "eras" series, and the prequel to "r". This album was made entirely with live instrumentals.

Thanks to Mathias for the CDs. Thanks to Kaylee, Mathias, and David for jamming with me. Thanks to my dad for letting me use his instruments. Reissued on 5cm Recordings, with catalog number 5CM-023.


released June 30, 2015

The "E" Man - vocals, guitar, drums, bass guitar, bowed bass guitar, harmonica, piano, bowed shamisen

Newt Grundy - vocals on tracks 1 and 2

Mathias Timmerman - guitar on track 5

Kaylee Rae Lewis - drums on track 5

David Galloway - vocals and keyboard on track 5

All music written, performed, and produced by T. A. Babcock.




Erases Eraser Des Moines, Iowa

Hi, I'm Tanner. I'm a glitchadelic, post-microwave, and toasterwave artist. I used to be in Culture Chester, now I'm in Tantrum Throwers.

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Track Name: Spiders
One day I woke up
I woke up inside of my bed
And I woke up to find
Five spiders laying on top of me
One on each of my limbs
And one on my face

So I laid there
And I screamed and I cried for about half an hour
But uh, no one could hear me
None of the spiders moved
I eventually gathered the courage
To pick up the phone
And call 911
I told them
Someone broke into my house overnight
Because uh, let's face it
If I told them the truth, they wouldn't have bothered
After five minutes or so, I started screaming and crying again
So they could hear me from outside

They kicked in my door, and barged into my room
I told them
"Help me!"
"I'm stuck to the bed!"
They helped me up,
And the spiders started moving around
I started screaming again
"Get them off me!"
"Get them off me!"
I shook off four of them
And one of the officers swatted the one
On the back of my head
"We were called about a breaking and entering?"
"Oh yeah"
"Well these spiders broke into my bed"
"And tortured me for several hours"

One of the officers said
And they both left
So I said
"See the thing is, uh"
"I'm supposed to be helping my friend with his album"
"I can't play guitar very well"
"But he wants me to do it anyway"
"And I'm supposed to come up with"
"An interesting story to read"
"And I'm uh, not very confident in my writing skills"

Track Name: Mommy
I want my mommy!!!!
Track Name: The Alcoholic
The alcoholic pissed herself today
Her breath smelled like an Iowa City frat house
Stumbling around, her friends helped her up
No one had seen her son for weeks

Most people don't remember what she was like sober
She lost most of her old friends
She kept pushing away the only people that were trying to help her
Her slurring words sound like a child playing piano

She doesn't have a job anymore
She asks her family for money to buy alcohol and pay rent
She doesn't have any hobbies
She's only interested in one thing

She's in her own little world

She's dead